Top 3 Mother's Day Cards 2024

This year Mother's Day seems to have been and gone in the blink of an eye. Mother's Day is such a lovely day to treat and show how special the mother figures in your life are. Millions of us spoil our mums, nans and grandmas with flowers, chocolates, personalised gifts and greeting cards.
This year I added a new selection of cards to the Mother's Day collection and they went down a right treat. I am always curious what people buy and this year greeting cards were up there. Here are my top 3 Mother's Day card of 2024
In at NUMBER ONE the rainbow, glittery heart card that is perfect for anyone  
Mother's Day Card with a grid of rainbow coloured hearts
In at NUMBER TWO a hand drawn, 3D bouquet of flowers. Finished with delicate, sparkly glitter for an luxurious touch. Blooming lovely!!
Finally in at NUMBER THREE is my favourite! I loved making this Super mum card. It is made up from a few of my illustrations and finished with 3D gold glitter stars. 


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